About Me

Hello to all! My name is Bailey Harper, and I'm the owner of Dragconia Creations and Munchy Otaku. I'm currently 24 and earned my associate's degree in Environmental science. I am working towards earning a degree in horticulture and Zoology. But enough about my personal life! I'm just another young artist in this big ole world who wants to show off her work and simply who LOVES anime. I was once shy about my work until family and friends told me I should try to "show it off and sell them." I decided to try it to earn a little extra money on the side. Then came along Munchy Otaku! Started in 2023 aiming toward the 3D printing side of things. We also have a another small business centering around farming. It is known as Pamlico's Butt Nugget Farm.

I work with all kinds of media. Everything from painting to learning how to make soaps! My most prominent works currently are whipped sugar scrubs and Soap. I had started Dragconia Creations around resin back in 2019. But due to increasing costs for eco-friendly(ish) resin. I sadly had to stop. I then moved to make candles and wax melts. While it was fun, it just wasn't the media for me. But that only led me to a hobby I greatly enjoy! Which are making bath/body products and 3D Printing! I started making sugar scrubs. Normal sugar scrubs always left an oily feeling behind and I just did not like the texture. Then I discovered whipped sugar scrubs! Which are basically soap and sugar scrubs put together. I just fell in love! On a quick note, that also led me to make homemade soap! I also then fell in love with 3D Printing! That's how Munchy Otaku started. I create anime-inspired bath bomb molds and cookie cutters for 3D printing. We now are planning to extend into tufting rugs and coasters... also making tumblers haha!

Excuse my craziness. I am the type that wants to try everything! I love exploring all kinds of arts and crafts. But my business will be staying within the bath and body industry, and of course, anime themed!