About Us



My name is Bailey, just another 23-year-old weeb in this big ole world. I have always had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. Starting simply drawing and coloring to now creating bath and body products! And what? Anime themed! As anime fans, we find joy in fictional characters and make-believe stories. Anime was almost my only comfort growing up, and I know it was for others.


This goes hand in hand with my goals for this small business of mine. To make items that I enjoy making and to make others happy! We should all do what we love. Some may not love it, but what I love is crafting and, of course, anime! To those who do not enjoy anime, we also have non-anime products at our second small business: Nocturnal Suds. 


I started this business back in 2019, mainly selling resin pieces after I had many friends and family ask me for prices. When I first started, I was known as Dragconia Creativities. The name Dragconia came from a character in a story I was writing...Which I quickly gave up on. The name just stuck with me. I slowly then transition into making candles and wax melts. Due to the increasing costs of Resin and the fact that bio-degradable resin is hard to come by and since earning a degree in environmental science and learning much about sustainability. I thought it was time to end my large-scale resin work. Even though I also enjoyed making candles and wax melts, it wasn't my chosen hobby for me. But in 2021, I had a sudden passion for bath and body products after getting inspiration from fellow small business owners. After making my first sugar scrub and soap, I  then realized that that was the chosen one! 


So here we are, creating anime, movie/show, and game-themed bath and body products! I couldn’t have made it this far without the help of my family, friends, and fellow weebs!.

Also, more to add about myself. I also always had been an extreme nature freak and animal lover. When I first started college for my environmental degree, we took in many cats and kittens to foster them until we found them good homes. It was a big dream to start my animal shelter. But sadly, in the area I live and the costs of running one. I couldn't fulfill that dream. So instead, I would like to donate! For our animal/nature-themed products, we will donate 10-20% of all profits from those products to a non-profit organization. Products that qualify will have this description in the listing. We will contribute to organizations such as our local animal shelters, World Wildlife Fund, and the Wildlife Conservation Society if there is another organization you would like for us to donate to. Please email us or add it to the notes during checkout. 

I'm sure we all had someone we love affected by Cancer. I lost my grandmother, uncles, and aunts to cancer. Cancer is a terrible illness and very hard to fight through. So I would like to help with that as well! We will donate 10-20% of all products to cancer research and non-profit organizations for our cancer awareness-themed products. Products that qualify will have this description in the listing. We will donate to organizations like the American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If there are any other organizations you would like us to contribute to, please email us or add them to the notes during checkout. 


I want to help make the world a better place, and we should start with what's important. These are some of what is important to me. We plan to add more organizations as we grow. Our next mission is to help the homeless and our veterans. More information is on our donation page.