Here is all of our frequently asked questions! If there is a question that have not been answered. Shoot us a email with your question!


How do you make your soaps?

While I cannot tell the exact "how" to make my soaps. Homemade soaps are crafted with many different types of natural oils. Each one has its own skincare properties. When these oils are combined with Sodium Hydroxide and mixed properly, BOOM! You have soap!

But Soap Making is a long process, after combining these ingredients. You must allow them to cure for 2-6 weeks depending on the ingredients and the method you use.

Why don't my items look the same as the ones listed?

Due to the handmade nature of all of the items presented, we cannot guarantee that all items will have the same appearance. Each product will have its own unique features. We cannot control how the appearance turns out. Each and every batch will be different.

What if I have a allergy?

We use a large variety of different ingredients in our products. At some point, one ingredient may have been in contact with another ingredient. It is very important that you are aware of what ingredients/allergens could affect you. We also want you to know that they may have been in contact with one of our products. Please read the listing of all products. Ingredients are at the bottom of each listing and we include the ingredients that may have any possible contact and also any additional ingredients.

If any product causes any irritation, please discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

Can we eat it?


You should never consume any of our products. Despite them being crafted from edible ingredients, there are also other ingredients include that are not safe to eat. Please for the love of everything holy- DO NOT CONSUME.

Sizing details

We are not big and fancy just yet, since we cut our soaps by hand... One bar at a time. T~T. The sizing and weight may be different for each bar.

Why have your return policy changed?

Our return policy only changed for our bar soaps.

We had changed our packaging/labeling for the soaps. They are no longer shrunk wrapped to provide less waste since we are looking to be more eco-friendly and less wasteful. With that said, due to the soaps being exposed. We cannot accept returns due to hygienic reasons.

But we still have a few soaps that we allow returns since they have our old packaging. Each listing will show you which ones do and don't allow returns.