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Mermaid Tail Bath Bomb Mold

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Our Bath Bomb Molds are created by using 3D Printing. We use the Ender 3 printer with Eco-friendly PLA. The color of molds varies based on the filament supply. Most will be in black or white. We do offer custom sizes. Please select the custom option and contact us. We will tell you the printing time. Please note that we cannot print anything bigger than our bed which is 235mm x 235mm (9.3in x 9.3in)

Mermaid Tail Mold Sizes:

  • Small - 1.6in x 2.5in x 0.5in
  • Medium - 2.2in x 3.4in x 0.7in
  • Large  - 3in x 4.5in x 0.9in

Mermaid Tail Mold Printing Times:

  • Small Printing Time - 8 hours and 55mins
  • Medium Printing Time - 17 hours and 29mins
  • Large Printing Time - 1 day, 16 hours and 6mins

Each mold is a sandwiched-style mold containing three pieces. The Ring piece, top piece, and bottom piece. Directions of usage are below.

How to use our molds:

  • Place the ring piece on a flat surface and slide the bottom half of the mold in.
  • Fill the top of the outer ring with your bath bomb mixture, don’t pack it in.
  • Then, press the top half of the mold into the ring.
  • Push the top mold on and press it down.
  • Carefully move the ring piece up and down and slide it out.
  • Tap lightly around the mold, slowly pull off the top half and then the bottom half, and
  • Lay the bath bombs out to dry for 24 hours before packaging. (Drying time depends on your climate)

How to care for our molds:

  • PLA Filament is heat-sensitive. So when cleaning, it is suggested to only hand wash with cold water and never in a dishwasher. Also, make sure to never “soak” your molds in water. This can cause water to get in between the PLA layers. 
  • Store the molds indoors, away from any source of heat. If stored in a hot spot, it can cause the molds to warp and deform.


Due to the nature of 3D Printing, some molds may be sanded to ensure smoothness. If you find any rough spots we may have missed, or your mixture is sticking to the mold, you can sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper till smooth.

Our processing and shipping time:

All items are MADE TO ORDER. We do not keep stock inventory because 3D Printing is a slow process. The bigger the project, the longer. Our bath bomb molds take 2-5 days to print. Processing times vary based on demand,  But we try to ship them out asap!