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Triangle Soap Dish

Triangle Soap Dish

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Our clean, minimalistic soap dish holder will elevate the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. We've designed this soap dish to be able to air dry on the top tray, thereby allowing your soap bar to dry out properly between uses to ensure your soap lasts longer!


Perfect for storing soap bars, shampoo, and conditioner bars, or sponges.


  • Top Tray: 5.36in x 3.50in x 0.50in
  • Bottom Tray: 5.56in x 3.73in x 0.67in
  • Printing Time: 1hr 12mins

  • Top Tray: 6.85in x 4.47in x 0.65in
  • Bottom Tray: 7.10in x 4.77in x 0.86in
  • Printing Time: 1hr and 49min.

Since the soap dishes are made using the 3D printing process, small bumps, and horizontal and/or vertical lines can also be visible.
Dish colors are only printed with filament on hand. Mostly white or black.

How to Care:
  • Please do not leave water sitting in the dish. PLA filament can warp over time. If water is standing in the dish, please pour it out.
  • Do not leave in hot areas. PLA filament and heat do not mix. Heat will distort the dish
  • Not suitable for dishwashers. Clean with cold water and by hand.
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